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The average family that is accepted into the Habitat program will wait 1 to 2 years before their home can be built. Once the home is complete, the applicant will purchase their home from Habitat for Humanity with an affordable mortgage through a low-income bank mortgage or directly from Habitat for Humanity. Habitat only takes applications for this program once per year.

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Please keep in mind that homeowners must invest a minimum of 450 hours of their own labor, or “sweat equity,” into building their Habitat house and they pay back a no-profit, affordable mortgage over 20 -30 years..

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Any Eligible Applicants Must:

  • Have lived or worked in Forrest, Jones, Lamar, or Marion County for the last year.
  • Have a stable income that can be verified by tax returns or pay stubs (or disability statements if the applicant is disabled).
  • Be able to pay modest monthly mortgage payments- These monthly payments average around $350-$500 per month, include taxes and insurance on the home, and are eligible for Section 8 Voucher Assistance.
  • Show that current housing is overcrowded, substandard, too expensive, unsafe, or they are living in subsidized housing.
  • Selected families must provide a $1,000 toward closing costs and pay an affordable 20 to 30-year mortgage.
  • Be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity to help build their home and the homes of other families already in the Habitat program. If an applicant is unable to participate in construction, they must be willing to speak to volunteers, help with serving meals, and be available to encourage volunteers while out on the jobsite during construction.